Our studs have the original old school bloodlines way back from when they were created you cant get much tighter or more of a rare ped then what you get from us.
Introducing the old man of the camp:
Rosales Blue Diesel
Direct king lion son
Diesel is littermate to komodo dragon and sire to diesel2 and grandsire to 909 pits hummer. Diesel throws nothing less then the best drive and fire just like his dad.

20-21" Tall
24+" Head
90-100 lbs

​Royal Blue Generations, Nevada
Bruno Jr. of rsl

Almost 3 years old with alot of bone, dome, and chest with plenty of drive to follow.

22" Tall
26" Head
​100 + lbs

Butthead, Ghangis Khan, Gotti
Harveys little shot of Whiskey
Turning 2 in september and will outproduce himself based on his 6 month old daughter. He has really nice structure, great temperament with plenty of love to go around.

20" Tall
23-24" Head

80-85 lbs

Remy, oldschool Razors Edge, Gotti

King tux
Just over a year old and full of fire and drive also has the structure an extremely well put together standard.

17" Tall
Head still growing
80-85 lbs

Texas legacy and Gotti

Cujo of Smb
He is still growing, he is 2 yrs old. The amazing thing is he has the same bone, girth, and drive as our XL Bruno Jr. just 6 inches shorter.

16" Tall
26" head
93-95 lbs

inbred low-jack remy martin
Sparkmans Cashout
Cash is a Cashpot and Dax grandson has extremely tight skin with lots of muscle he has plenty of drive and outstanding structure.

15" Tall
23-24" head
80 lbs